Diana.I feel Crazy.i♥ Art. Live In Boston, studying photography I ♥happiness.America makes me sick most-times.
I want to move some where far away, on the ocean with a lover. (&I will someday)
I like to eat cough drops. I like painting& i like beer. i think the simplest and most taken for granted things in life are the beautifullest. Dianafoof on instrgram
Practicing for summer w my sweety
#finalsRfinallyOverSpoonMan #spoonman #spoonLuv
cry baby
Some people are so broken,
They get mad at you for being whole.
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i made this necklace at work

i guess this is the end of a cumbuckety era? i created a sub-blog to stunt on cummmbucket though. ~~

Sisters in the rearview by Andy Bokanev on Flickr.